​Continuing Treatment...

When you return for your second visit, Dr. Hamdon will review your x-rays in more detail with you. Here is where Dr. Hamdon will explain certain measurements and/or line drawings he has done when analyzing your x-rays.   Here is where Dr. Hamdon will help explain your diagnosis.  This will help determine what part of your spine needs to be worked on and for how long.  Therefore this will determine your treatment plan.  This is where Dr. Hamdon will tell you how many times he needs to see you and over what time period.  

Treatment plans can go anywhere from a couple weeks to a couple months depending on the injury or cause of pain. After your plan is complete, it is always a good idea to come for maintenance every month to prevent any future discomfort or pain.

He will also schedule you for a re-x-ray after the treatment plan to objectively analyse how things changed.  You will then get to see a before and after x-ray and actually see the changes in your spine!!!  

Following the x-ray analysis and the treatment plan recommendation, you will receive your second treatment!

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