Dr. Fahed Hamdon

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Hamdon is a top rated Chiropractor in St. Albert and Edmonton.  Dr. Hamdon majored in Biological Sciences and minored in Business at University of Alberta and then went to Chiropractic School in San Jose, California.  Since then he has effectively treated patients with many different types of spinal conditions over the past 10 years!  As of September 1st, 2015 he opened  his own clinic, Health by Hamdon and has  built a team that is dedicated to improving your health!  

  Dr. Hamdon has a very comprehensive understanding of the biomechanics of the spine and the nervous system.  He is very educated in ailments of the discs and nerves of the body. His treatments range from Chiropractic Adjustments to Flexion Distraction Spinal Decompression, with a heavier emphasis on the latter. 

At home Dr. Hamdon enjoys spending time with his wife and daughters. He also enjoys playing sports such as soccer, basketball and football. 

Melanie Wauters


Melanie has been a great asset here at Health by Hamdon. She has the drive to make sure each patient has the right treatment plan and goes above and beyond to care for her patients. She graduated from school in 2014. She has a lot of experience with many types of patients. She can treat patients with neck, shoulders, hips, sciatic pain, migraines/headaches, perimenopause and premenstrual symptoms, carpal tunnel, arthritis, and much more. Melanie is available every week day and every second saturday. If you are in need of something new to make sure you're on the right track book an appointment with Melanie!

Anjali Sarna


 Anjali is a firm believer in collaborative care.  She specializes in selective functional movement assessment which allows her to solve and treat any physical deficiencies in your body.  This allows you to physically correct any injury or ailment for the long term, and not just the short term.  Anjali also will provide the one on one physio care that we are known for, and very proud of.

Kayla McOuat
Massage Therapist

Kayla M. is very apt at providing many different types of massages.  From deep tissue, to relaxation, to cupping to prenatal.  She enjoys working with people and has a easy, laid back personality which allows her to really connect with people. 

Kayla Pringle

Massage Therapist (currently on maternity leave)

Kayla P. strives for excellence with her knowledge of sports massage therapy and deep tissue massage.  

Minh Le

Massage Therapist

Minh has over 3 years of experience.  His specialties includes medical massage, deep tissue massage, rehabilitation massage, cupping, hot stone therapy, sports massage, and prenatal massage.  Which ever treatment type suits you best, Minh in skilled in determining the best and most appropriate course of treatment for each client.  He is always eager and able to quickly learn new clients to flexibly adjust his technique to meet the special demands of his patients. 

Emma Johannesson

Massage Therapist

Emma is one of our part time Registered Massage Therapists. She graduated from MH Vicars 2200hr Remedial Massage Therapy Program with honours. She is passionate about bringing wellness to her clients while educating them how to be better aware of their bodies. She specializes in Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage and Trigger Point Therapy. Emma is very attentive with her clients and adjusts to their needs. She also uses Swedish Relaxation Massage, Sports Massage, Joint Mobility and TMJD work in her practice, while treating a variety of conditions. Available Tuesday mornings/afternoons and Wednesday evenings!

Wilson Lu

Massage Therapist

Wilson has an expertise in sports massage, deep tissue and cupping.  He also works with movement/posture analysis and correction, and prescribing  remedial exercise programs.  Wilson has a degree in kinesiology, as well as a background as an exercise therapist, all of which help him provide his patients a very well rounded experience.  

Charlene Sykes

Massage Therapist

Charlene been working as a massage therapist for four years.  Her passion is helping people. She is passionate about the therapeutic side of Massage Therapy, and involves stretching, hydrotherapy and circular frictions to her treatments. Other modalities she uses are; vacuum cupping, hot stone therapy, pre and post natal massage and myofasical release. She also is working on her level one- cranial sacral massage certification.




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