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Health By Hamdon offers many services under the same roof to allow a more streamlined type of patient care. On the Chiropractic side, we offer Spinal Decompression (Flexion Distraction Spinal Decompression) which is unlike almost all other chiropractic treatments.

Our physiotherapists utilize a one-on-one type of approach with their patients, and our massage therapists are always are in direct communication with either the chiropractor or physiotherapist that referred the patient to them. Health By Hamdon also differentiates ourselves by offering in house Xrays, which most other chiropractic offices don’t have.




Dr. Fahed Hamdon

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Hamdon is a top-rated Chiropractor in St. Albert and Edmonton. Dr. Hamdon majored in Biological Sciences and minored in Business at the University of Alberta, and then went to Chiropractic School in San Jose, California. Since then he has effectively treated patients with many different types of spinal conditions over the past 10 years. On September 1, 2015, he opened his own clinic, Health by Hamdon, and has built a team that is dedicated to improving your health.

Dr. Hamdon has a comprehensive understanding of the biomechanics of the spine and the nervous system. He is educated in the ailments of the discs and nerves of the body. His treatments range from Chiropractic Adjustments to Flexion Distraction Spinal Decompression, with a heavier emphasis on the latter.

At home, Dr. Hamdon enjoys spending time with his wife and daughters. He also enjoys playing sports such as soccer, basketball, and football. ​

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