Our St. Albert and Edmonton Chiropractor is WCB Approved

We Can Help You Get Proper Coverage if You Are Entitled to WCB in St. Albert and Edmonton Area

Assessment and first treatment on the same date are covered by the WCB. Once your claim is accepted by the WCB, your benefits can vary. Depending on the severity of your injuries and how it impacts your capacity to work now and in the future, you can receive up to 21 treatments over a 6 week period (at a maximum of 3 visits per week).

Here’s What You Should Do When You Acquire an Injury From Work:

1. Report your injury to your employer.

When you suffer from a work-related injury/illness, let your employer know what happened and what may have caused it. Once your employers have been notified, they have the responsibility to report your injury to WCB within 72 hours if you are in need of medical treatment beyond first aid and/or unable to complete your work after the accident has occurred.

2. Report to your doctor.

Tell your doctor about your work-acquired injury. Your doctor is responsible for reporting your work accident to WCB within 48 hours.

3. Report to the Workers Compensation Board.

Let WCB know right away via their myWCB worker mobile app, or by completing their form. This form should be available from your employer as well.

4. Get the treatment you require.

Should this require any treatment or rehabilitation service offered by Health by Hamdon, contact us right away, and we can help you on your road to recovery!

All necessary reports are done by our office to ensure you get proper coverage via direct billing.

Whether you need chiropractic or physiotherapy services, Dr. Hamdon, and his rehabilitation and physical therapy team will make sure you are able to get the proper care you need for a full recovery and help you get back to work as soon as possible!