Custom Orthotics

Custom orthotics are a great way to ensure that your feet are properly aligned during your busy day at work, morning run or any day to day activities. If you have nagging pain in your back, knees, ankles or feet that won’t go away, call Health by Hamdon to see if Orthotics are the right step for you!

St. Albert Chiropractors

What To

  • A full/complete analysis of your feet/ankles/hips and back will be done. This will illustrate how the feet are affecting the body as a whole.
  • A specific bio mechanical analysis of the feet will be done.
  • A 3-dimensional cast of your feet will be done to ensure the most effective and accurate orthotic for you.
  • A one week delivery time where your custom fit orthotics will be ready for pick up at Health by Hamdon.

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